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Know/love your body

So yesterday was a very powerful day for me. I first found out my good friend from school has cervical cancer. In the midst of this she is going through family issues and is starting to drown. It broke my heart and I am trying to help her breathe to the best of my ability. I also found out my best friend since 1st grade has to be re tested because the results of her breast exam failed to disprove if she had breast cancer or not. This is a serious issue as well because breast cancer runs in her family. I am keeping faith that all will turn out well in both situations. This was a wake up call for me. I need to schedule my annual pap exam and a breast exam which I have failed to do partly out of fear. Life is too short to live in denial. You have to know and love your bodies girls. My friend told me to not worry about the results of exams to just get it done. It is out of your control after that. It made me value my body in a different way and I truly hope my results come out clear. What you can control is making sure you schedule and follow through with all your annual female exams. I value my life and body and I love both as well. I called offices today to schedule and they are closed so I will call tomorrow morning to make an appointment. I urge you all to do the same and if you are already doing so then stay consistent. <3

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